Investment Loans

Whether you’re dipping your toe in, or bomb-diving right into the investment pool, when it comes to investment loans,Your Mortgage Coach team is
right there with you, making sure you don’t hit your head on the bottom!

We will get you in the game. With access to more than 20 lenders  we look at your individual situation and we find the right fit.

We know our stuff and that means that even if it’s a SMSF loan, we will work directly with you and your wealth-creation team to find exactly what’s right for you.

Want to invest in property?

Investment loans are different to owner-occupied standard loans – and Your Mortgage Coach team gets that!

We have a stack of diverse and varied loan products which we can tailor to your investment needs. We have great access to RP Data and a large network of Australia’s top real estate agents, so getting an investment loan through Your Mortgage Coach ensures a great outcome.

The Your Mortgage Coach team has access to more than 20 lenders. We do the leg work so you can rest assured we will dig up the right investment loan for you.

Your Mortgage Coach will also help you out with your SMSF home or commercial loan. These can be a bit tricky, so don’t go it alone. Make sure you talk to Your Mortgage Coach to find out more about these types of loans.

Your Mortgage Coach will train you up with:

  • Up to 10 years interest only repayments
  • Borrow up to 110% for your investment if secured with additional property
  • Competitive interest rates available
  • Free RP Data property reports available
  • Ability to get auction ready with a proper pre-approval

Knowledge is power

Your Mortgage Coach crew knows their stuff. We get you in the game and make it count.

Your Mortgage Coach will give you the lowdown on:

  • How to negotiate on a property
  • How to structure your loan most efficiently
  • How to pay off your loan quickly
  • Offering clients access to property reporting like RP Data
  • What terms you need to have in the contract. e.g. finance clause, building and pest clause
  • How long should the settlement be

And then, we’ll help you bring your best game, coaching you on:

  • Why you need a lawyer and what they do
  • Why do you need pre-approval
  • Why an offset account could be beneficial